We Are a Member of The Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI)

Finding the right chiropractor is vital for you and your family. The Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI) is the only national organisation to insist that its members are trained to the highest educational standards and only graduates of ECCE/CCEI* accredited institutions are permitted to join the association.

The CAI is the only Irish chiropractic association to be a full member of the European Chiropractors’ Union and the World Federation of Chiropractic. Membership ensures that chiropractic in Ireland is represented at the highest level.

So that the public can be assured of high standards of professionalism and conduct, CAI members are required to comply with a strict code of practice and continued professional development. In the trained hands of CAI chiropractors, patients can expect a comprehensive approach to the assessment, diagnosis and management of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. As specialist providers of bone and joint care, CAI chiropractors use their detailed knowledge to assess the impact of spinal and joint dysfunction on the nervous system and on general health.

Chiropractic has a tradition of effectiveness and patient satisfaction without the use of drugs or surgery. CAI chiropractors are experts in spinal adjustment and also utilise a range of other treatment techniques such as exercise prescription, nutritional support and lifestyle advice. They are a primary healthcare provider, which means they look at the whole body, not just where the symptoms may appear.

A medical referral isn’t necessary before seeing a CAI chiropractor, although increasingly patients are referred to CAI chiropractors through their GP. Chiropractic’s excellent track record in patient safety and assuring patient satisfaction means that more patients than ever are seeking CAI chiropractors for their healthcare needs.

Most major health insurers cover chiropractic care, but please check with your provider for any terms associated with your particular policy.

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